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TEDRA, a Greek group of companies, specializes in design, construction, operation and maintenance of technical and environmental projects, as well as in advanced technologies for waste management and utilization. With more than 30 years of experience in the construction sector, the group is dynamically developing in the Greek and international market, undertaking hundreds of high-quality projects.

Triggered by the creativity and thorough training of our personnel, the high scientific level of know- how but also the innovative solutions, we contribute to the achievement of unique projects, providing excellent results that improve the daily quality of human life, fully respecting the environmental requirements and human beings.

The vertical operating strategy of the group provides an innovative business activity with pioneering results. Through our successful course in the construction industry, we are given the opportunity to focus on new energy production markets, by using advanced forms of municipal and industrial waste management technology.

So far, official members of the TEDRA group are the companies FERTECH PRODUCTION and FERTILIS TRADE, which contribute to the vision of developing an organization whose purpose is to play a leading role in the global market.

Our vision

For over 30 years, our vision is to improve human life at all levels, in terms of a balanced natural environment, with less waste and more respect for the living values of the global community. After all, the quality of life of every human being is inextricably linked to nature and the environment around it.

Our values

Driven by corporate responsibility, both in terms of our customers and the environment, we faithfully adhere to certain values, which help us achieve the best possible result in every project we undertake.

  • Reliability in undertaking projects
  • Creativity in conceiving innovative solutions
  • Commitment to the satisfaction of needs
  • Business ethos
  • Environmental awareness
  • Principles of cooperation
  • Persistence in quality
  • 2022


    Energy Mastering Awards 2022, Silver Award

  • 2021


    Establishment of new Waste Management Unit in the municipality of Elassona

  • 2020


    EBAE Award 2020

  • 2018


    Acquisition of 5th class contractor degree

  • 2017


    Formation of TEDRA Group

  • 2015


    Development of new activities

  • 2012

    FERTILIS trade

    Establishment of FERTILIS trade

  • 2009

    FERTECH production

    Ίδρυση της FERTECH production

  • 2003


    Acquisition of 4th class contractor degree

  • 1996


    Establishment of TEDRA S.A.

  • 1989

    Initial establishment

    Establishment of the initial General Partnership company

Board of Directors


Chairman & CEO


Director of Environmental Services


Director of Technical Services


Director of Waste Management Services & FERTILIS TRADE

Our people

A large team with years of experience

We apply a humanistic and fair human resources policy to ensure mutual cooperation in a spirit of honest and mutual respect.

In a healthy working environment with corporate and social responsibility, our people are trained, motivated and evolve.

Aiming at long-term partnerships of mutual trust, our human resources consist of well-trained personnel with specialized knowledge and high training in their field.

Career Opportunities

If you wish to join TEDRA Group’s human resources, please send your CV to [email protected]


International Management Standards – ISO

Quality Management System
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The reassessment is carried out on an annual basis, in line with the new ISO standards by certification bodies, which are internationally recognized organizations.

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