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In the light of the experience and the know-how we focus on the excellence of results by having the best quality. We meet the requirements of each project in order to have an accurate and timely completion of them, and we offer technical services for the construction of sewerage and hydraulic networks, industrial buildings, roads, and sport facilities all over Greece.

Our 5th grade contractor degree allows us to undertake the following services.



The accurate design of a project is our best opportunity to tackle emerging problems and our commitment to the laws and rules of science, in order for a project to meet the needs of each client.



For us, study means accuracy, speed and quality in the implementation of our projects. The detailed reference to stages, specifications and requirements leads to the excellent result of construction of the project with accuracy and completeness.



Our goal is to offer a solution to every construction need with special requirements. It is a complex procedure that requires high know-how, specialization and experience, aiming at the perfect construction of each project.



We present and undertake the implementation of integrated solutions in the field of operation and maintenance of projects, by providing guarantees of safety, efficiency and perfect operation through scheduled and extraordinary maintenance work.

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With more than 30 years of experience in the construction sector, the group is dynamically developing in the Greek and international market, undertaking hundreds of high quality projects, such as industrial buildings, environmental, sewerage and plumbing, residential buildings, sports facilities and road construction projects.

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Quick answers to the most popular questions

Yes, we undertake the elaboration and support of all the required studies regarding the operation of industrial units, such as studies for the issuance of installation and operation licenses, fire safety studies, wastewater management studies, techno-economic studies.
The construction of the projects includes the execution of the works of electromechanical installations, air conditioning - ventilation, fire detection - firefighting, sewerage - water supply, as well as the configuration of the surrounding area.
In the field of anaerobic wastewater treatment, we use Memthane® technology, developed by Veolia Water Technologies' subsidiary BIOTHANE. Memthane® technology offers a significant reduction in overall operating costs compared to conventional technologies, while producing high energy biogas (methane biogas production rate of up to 65%), which can replace fossil fuels.
We undertake the collection and management of waste, such as:
- Solid non-hazardous industrial waste
- Municipal solid non-hazardous waste from water-supply and sewage enterprises
- Waste of excavations, construction and demolition (CD&E) from public and private projects
- Pruning and other bulky waste
- The waste is transported for treatment and reuse to TERRA's privately owned waste treatment facilities, in Plati, Imathia and in Elassona, Thessaly.

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