Environmental Services

By investing in environmental infrastructure projects, we promote innovative solutions that are necessary for the transition to a circular economy. Our goal is to reuse the resources in the production process of the group as much as possible, and to minimize the outflow of emissions and waste.

The reuse of resources not only reduces group dependence on raw materials, but also boosts its competitiveness and reduces environmental pressures. At the same time, waste minimization can bring significant benefits to the economy and human health.



In order to achieve the most appropriate and safest result, our experienced team collects all the necessary information and data such as needs, specifications, technical-economic criteria and constraints. Thus, we formulate the guidelines for the detailed design of each installation, based on the positive environmental footprint.



Then, we move on to the second stage, where in collaboration with experienced project managers, we undertake all the required procedures for environmental licensing of projects and activities, according to the needs of each installation and the specifications that have been evaluated at the design stage.



In the third stage, once we have fully understood the needs of the client, we offer tailor-made solutions for the treatment of wastewater, depending on their type and quantity.

Our goal is not only the integrated management of urban and industrial wastewater in the best possible way, but also to minimize the consumption of raw materials, energy, and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, which have a direct impact on the quality of water, air, land and human life in general.


The design of each environmental project requires laboratory tests, site visits, evaluation and submission of proposals. In addition, there is also the possibility of installing a pilot testing unit, to ensure and achieve an excellent result.

Operation & Maintenance


Having the experience and the required specialization for the operation and maintenance of the Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) that we build, we offer integrated services for the management of the generated sewage,

Thanks to many years of experience and certified specialization that we have on the operation and maintenance of the Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) and the Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWW), that we manufacture, we offer integrated services for the management of the generated wastewater, always complying with good environmental practices.

Aiming at the safe operation of our projects, we provide continuous monitoring in combination with a daily activity reporting of each facility, ensuring a reliable, measurable and economically viable result.

Water reuse

Επαναχρησιμοποίηση νερού

Waste treatment for water reuse plays a very important role in water conservation, while providing alternatives for its conversion into resources.

Through the implementation of alternatives and advanced technologies in the wastewater treatment, for the production of higher quality water, we are aiming at its reuse in the production process of the units, but also in the restoration of the aquifer.

The ultrafiltration technology in combination with the reverse osmosis stage make them suitable for their recovery, reuse and recycling. The resulting recycled water is a former waste that after the treatment stage, is reused in various applications, such as irrigation and rehabilitation of groundwater aquifers, while contributing to agriculture by recycling nutrients through the substitution of solid fertilizers.

Biogas production


Biogas is produced through the process of anaerobic wastewater treatment, i.e. under conditions of absence of oxygen. More specifically, it is a carbon-neutral fuel, which can be used in many applications, such as building heating and electricity production. Thus, the biogas produced offers a double environmental advantage.

For industries, the use of biogas as an energy source covers significant energy needs of the production unit, with economic and environmental benefits.

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With more than 30 years of experience in the construction sector, the group is dynamically developing in the Greek and international market, undertaking hundreds of high quality projects, such as industrial buildings, environmental, sewerage and plumbing, residential buildings, sports facilities and road construction projects.

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Quick answers to the most popular questions

Yes, we undertake the elaboration and support of all the required studies regarding the operation of industrial units, such as studies for the issuance of installation and operation licenses, fire safety studies, wastewater management studies, techno-economic studies.
The construction of the projects includes the execution of the works of electromechanical installations, air conditioning - ventilation, fire detection - firefighting, sewerage - water supply, as well as the configuration of the surrounding area.
In the field of anaerobic wastewater treatment, we use Memthane® technology, developed by Veolia Water Technologies' subsidiary BIOTHANE. Memthane® technology offers a significant reduction in overall operating costs compared to conventional technologies, while producing high energy biogas (methane biogas production rate of up to 65%), which can replace fossil fuels.
We undertake the collection and management of waste, such as:
- Solid non-hazardous industrial waste
- Municipal solid non-hazardous waste from water-supply and sewage enterprises
- Waste of excavations, construction and demolition (CD&E) from public and private projects
- Pruning and other bulky waste

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