Indicative projects

Specialized (Industrial)

Reconstruction of a Listed Building in Athens

Restructuring of the White Tower square in Thessaloniki

Women's Prison in Elaionas, Thebes

Firefighting networks for ammunition depots of Army Corps

Laboratories for the Hellenic Air Force Academy

New Radar at Ziros, Crete

New Radar at Ismaros, Komotini

AROGI Rehabilitation Center in Karditsa

AROGI Rehabilitation Center in Larissa

Agios Georgios Health Center in Larisa

Nea Aghialos National Airport

Metal Building for BIZIOS Dairy

Biowaste composting unit in the region of Arta new

Private Dialysis Center Patras new

Protypo Dialysis Center of Pella

Metal building for OMIROS Dairy new



Industrial Wastewater Anaerobic Treatment Plant for BIZIOS dairy new

WWTP in Argyropouli, Tyrnavos

WWTP in Agiokampos

WWTP in Elassona

WWTP in Kranea, Municipality of Elassona new

WWTP in Toxotes, Xanthi

Operation-Maintenance of WWTP in Dion - Olympus Municipality new

Operation-Maintenance of WWTP in Filiates new

Operation-Maintenance of WWTP in Lianokladi-Ypati new

Operation - Maintenance of 3 WWTPs in the Municipality of Elassona

Operation-Maintenance of WWTP in Lamia

Pilot plant AnSBR Sparthane for OMIROS dairy

4 Sites for Uncontrolled Waste Disposal in Municipality of Alexandria


Sewerage & Hydraulic

Flood Protection System in Rodia, Tyrnavos

Damage & Disaster Management in Municipality of N. Skoufa new

Damage & Disaster Management in Trikala

Sewerage Networks of Rainwater & Collection Networks, Ioannina new

Sewerage Network in N. Skoufas

Sewerage Network in Municipality of Sifnos new

Sewerage Network in Aridaia

Sewerage Networks in the community of Marmara, Ioannina new

Sewerage Network in Municipality of Agia

Sewerage Networks in Municipality of Arta

Sewerage Network in Municipality of Volvi

Sewerage Network in Ioannina new

Sewerage Networks in Katouna - Region unit Aetolia-Acarnania new

Sewerage Network of Meseo & N. Filadelfia, Municipality of Oreokastro new

Sewerage Network in Nea Aghialos, Volos new

Sewerage Network in Nea Koutali, Lemnos

Sewerage Νetwork in Municipality of Zitsa new

Sewerage Network in Samos

Sewage Networks in Stylida

Sewerage Network in Municipality of Chalkidonos new

Sewerage Network in Tsaritsani, Elassona

Water Supply Networks in Volos and Nea Ionia new

Water Supply Networks in Municipality of Oreokastro new

Water Supply Networks in Terpsithea & Rachoula, Larissa new

Sluices on the rivers Kalentzis and Enippeas

Hydraulic Networks in Nea Aghialos, Volos new



Upgrading of the municipal building in Agios Konstantinos new

Renovation & expansion of LIDL Ηellas in Agria, Volos

Renovation of LIDL Ηellas in Kastoria

Lidl Ηellas in Stylida

Offices for IEK OMIROS Larissa

International School in Tyrnavos

Residential buildings in Koutsoupia, Melivia

Residential buildings in Pieria

Residential buildings in Aigio

Buildings in Larissa

Building for Professional Soldiers in Lemnos

Military buildings of 80 men in Orestiada

Residential buildings in Elassona

16 military residencies in Didymoticho

HQs of the 88th Military Command in Lemnos

1st Elementary School in Elassona

17th Primary School in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki



Restoration of provincial road 19: Agioneri - Evangelismos (Elassona)

Livadi- Sarantaporo Road

Construction of a new bridge on the river Arachthos new

Delta- Palama Road new

Ring road in Elassona


Sport Facilities

Municipal Swimming Pool in Toumba, Thessaloniki

Indoor Swimming Pool in Tyrnavos