The applied technology and expertise offer solutions for sustainable management of non-hazardous wastewater produced from:

Food industries (dairy, cheese, fruit production)
Alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages 
Animal breeding farms
Municipal wastewater plants
Chemical industries
Pulp & paper industries

Since December 2016, TEDRA is the exclusive partner of BIOTHANE, subsidiary of VEOLIA Group, for Greece. The main objective is the proper environmental wastewater management in a profitable way for the entrepreneur with a positive environmental footprint.

The state of the art technology constitutes the ideal solution for:

Pharmaceutical–fine chemicals industries
Polymers and fibers production plants
Biodiesel- biofuels production units
Cryogenic technology and PSA for gas purification (N2, O2, Ar), CO2 and CO recovery
Liquefied natural gas (LNG)

By signing a memorandum of understanding in September 2017, TEDRA is now the exclusive partner of EPC Group for Greece. The main objective is to provide specialized solutions to high-demand industries in their productive segment and easy access to cryogenic technology and natural gas technology.