The applied technology and expertise offer solutions for sustainable management of non-hazardous wastewater produced from:

Food industries (dairy, cheese, fruit production)
Alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages 
Animal breeding farms
Municipal wastewater plants
Chemical industries
Pulp & paper industries

Since December 2016, TEDRA is the exclusive partner of BIOTHANE, subsidiary of VEOLIA Group, for Greece. The main objective is the proper environmental wastewater management in a profitable way for the entrepreneur with a positive environmental footprint.


Benefits of this technology are:

COD/BOD, NH4-N, NO3-N and TP
Flexibility in reactor design
Optimization of existing plants
Easy operation and control process

Can be used as a full-treatment (pre-treatment, post-treatment according to the needs)

TEDRA Group is the exclusive partner of ANOXKALDNESTM, subsidiary of VEOLIA, since December 2018. Οn the base of sustainability TEDRA provides cost-efficient solutions to investors’ challenges.