"The green technologies after the pandemic": Mr. Gliaos interview for the magazine ECOTEC
26 June


The Environmental Department Director of TEDRA Group, Mr. Pantelis Gliaos, had an interview with the monthly magazine ECOTEC about the importance of urban and industrial waste management in Greece.

Mr. Gliaos discussed the impact of the pandemic in the green technologies market, and their development in Greece and Europe.

He also referred to the legal framework of Greece and the care that should be given by the state for the observance of the laws, but also for initiatives and incentives that should be adopted by the companies.

However, he stressed the change that has been observed in Greece during the last years regarding waste management and the added value they give to an industry.

TEDRA group will take part in the international trade show for energy and environmental technologies, "Verde.tec" which has been scheduled for October 2020.

For the full interview of Mr. Pantelis Gliaos, please visit the following link (pp.32-33): https://bit.ly/3g6MNkB

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