TEDRA Group’s participation in an event to promote the “Economios" School of Tsaritsani
10 March


On Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th of March 2020, a two-day event was held in Tsaritsani, Municipality of Elassona, for the promotion and enhancement of the Economios School (country's first High School) as a heritage site by UNESCO.

More specifically, on March 7th, took place the 1st “Economios Race” by involving marathon runners from all over Greece. There was a strong level of participation with great public. The Vice President of TEDRA Group, Ms Terry Toliou awarded medals to the winners of the Children's 1000-metre Race category. 

On Sunday, March 8th, Feast of Orthodoxy, (the first Sunday of Great Lent) which is combined every year with the memorial of the representative of the Greek Enlightenment and the proponent of Orthodoxy Constantine Economos, took place a special event to celebrate and enhance the Economios School, while there was a short tour in it. A number of local authorities participated in the event, such as Mr. Konstantinos Agorastos, Thessaly Regional Governor, members of parliament and mayors. Mr. Giannis Tolios, Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TEDRA Group, by actively supporting his origin and expressing TEDRA’s group sensitive character in the continuation of our cultural heritage, emphasized on the importance of the Economios School to the cultural heritage of  Greece. Mr. Ioannis Tolios expressed his thanks to the local community and the relevant authorities for this important initiative of the enhancement of the Economios School of Tsaritsani.

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