Contract signed for the construction of sewerage networks in Municipality of Sifnos

04 October


The signing of the contract for the project "Construction of the sewerage network in Municipality of Sifnos " of a total budget of 6.2 million €.

Today, October 4th 2019, the Governor of S. Aegean Region George Hatzimarkos, the Mayor of Sifnos Maria Nadali and the representatives of the contractor companies TEDRA, Ioannis Tolios and ARHITRON, Vasilis Pananakis, signed the contract for the construction of the sewerage network of Municipality of Sifnos, of a total budget of 6.2 million euro.

The project includes the construction of an integrated sewerage network in the settlements of Appollonia, Artemona, and Kato Petali.

The project includes the construction of a 17.469 m. gravity-fed pipeline, suction pipelines of total length of 4.261m and 10 pumping stations. The main project’s outcome is the central pumping station on the Kamares - Artemonas provincial road, whereas the project also includes the construction of connection pipelines for future private connections.

The execution time of the project is estimated 26 months starting today.

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