Contract signed for the construction of sewerage networks in Ioannina

12 July


The signing of the contract for the project "Construction of the sewerage network in Ioannina" of a total budget of 19,5 million €...

Today, on July 12, 2019, the Mayor of Ioannina, Mr. Begas and the President of the contractor company TEDRA, Mr. Tolios signed the contract for the construction of the sewerage network of Ioannina, which is a major project for the region of a budget of 19.5 million euro. 

The project includes the construction of an integrated sewage collection and transport networks in the villages of Kardamitsia, Exohi (Nea Zoi), Tsiflikopoulo, Drosia - Penteli, K. Neochoropoulo and Seismothekta. These are settlements within Lagaki river basin leading to the Lake Pamvotis. The water of the Lake Pamvotis comes from natural sources and torrents and its surface is 23 km2, its depth is 13 m and its perimeter is 33 km.

For this project, six new wastewater pumping stations will be installed for the transport of the wastewater. Thw total length of the proposed internal networks and the gravitational transport pipelines is 55.5 Km and the depression pipelines is 6.57 Km. Finally, the project's scope includes the construction of 3,750 private connections. The execution time of the project is estimated 36 months starting today.

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