Contract signed for flood protection projects in the Municipalities of Trikala Regional Unit
27 November


Signing of a project contract "Restoration of damages caused by intense floods in the Regional Unit of Trikala from 15-11-2017 to 17-11-2017. Flood protection - river bed cleaning in the tributaries of Pinios River."

Floods in nine rivers and their tributaries in the four municipalities of Trikala Regional Unit include a total budget of € 5,010,000 whose construction contract was signed by the Regional Governor of Thessaly Kostas Agorastos and TEDRA's President and CEO Giannis Tolios, who is the contractor of the projects.

The project concerns the restoration of damages caused by intense floods in the Trikala Regional Unit and the cleaning of rivers, with funding coming from public investment program funds.

In particular, works will be carried out on the rivers Portaikos, with the tributaries of Benteni, Anapodo and Palaeopotamos in the Municipalities of Pyli and Trikkai, Lithaeus with the tributaries of Aghimonioti and Koumerki in the Municipalities of Kalambaka and Trikkaion, Pamios in the Municipality of Trikkaion, Klenoviti, Ion and Malakasioti in the Municipality of Kalampaka and Neochoriti, Mega and Enipea in the Municipality of Farkadona.

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