TEDRA and BIZIOS S.A. signed a maintenance and operation ten-year contract
09 March


Client: BIZIOS S.A.

Company: TEDRA

Sector: Environmental

On Thursday, March 8, 2018, TEDRA and BIZIOS S.A. signed the maintenance and operation contract for the new standard anaerobic wastewater treatment plant that will be constructed in BIZIOS S.A. premises. 

The project is in the final licensing phase, the construction is expected to begin in a couple of months and to be completed by the end of 2018. TEDRA will undertake to provide integrated project management services by performing its maintenance and operation as well as the receipt and utilization of the produced sludge.

The aim of the project's design is to provide zero environmental footprint, with co-benefit the expected energy of 1.3MW. The new plant will treat BIZIOS S.A. wastewater as a whole and will be able to receive up to 60 tn wastewater per day from other dairy industries.

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