Conference for the “Wastewater management in favour of environment, energy and entrepreneurship”
18 January



Company: TEDRA

Sector: Environmental

TEDRA Group held a conference on Tuesday, January 17th, 2017 with topic “Wastewater management in favor of environment, energy and entrepreneurship”. The goal of the meeting, that caused the interest of a huge crowd, was the management of critical challenges and the promotion of huge matters in the field of Environment – Energy – Entrepreneurship.

The Chairman of TEDRA Group, Mr. Ioannis Tolios, reported that “the strategic plan and the actions of TEDRA Group, aim on creatingthe infrastructure and bring tin Greece a modernindustrial wastewater treatment technologywith green energy production. In the last 5 years TEDRA Group has made environmental investments while also fitted with an integrated infrastructure for the processing of aerobic and anaerobic sludge.At the same time, TEDRA invests in manpower technically capable in building and maintenance of Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants.”

As is clear from the conclusions of the conference, through the installation of anaerobic and anaerobic membrane systems, the following results are arising:

- Protection of the environment through high reduction in organic and inorganic pollutant load

- High amount of biogas production 

- Important reduction in the operational cost of the industry, mainly because of the production of the biogas and its use in the production line

- Very low payback periods.

As part of yesterday’s meeting, the administrative director of TEDRA, Mr. Pantelis Gkliaos, analytically presented the activities of the Group, while the special representative of BIOTHANE company, member of the multinational firm VEOLIA, which headquarters are in Netherlands, presented their modern wastewater treatment technologies. They also presented case studies from all around the world.

Actively participating in the conference was also the Regional Governor of Thessaly, Mr. Kostas Agorastos, while a lot of mayors from Thessaly and Central Greece were attending. Last but not least, present in the event was the CEO of the local newspaper “Eleftheria”, Mr. Giorgos Michalopoulos.

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