Construction of Anaerobic Technology Plant for BΙZIOS Dairy
01 August


Client: BIZIOS S.A.

Company: TEDRA

Sector: Environmental

TEDRA Group will install the first Anaerobic Membrane (AnMBR) plant for wastewater treatment in Greece for BIZIOS Dairy industry. The agreement between TEDRA Group and the dairy industry BIZIOS S.A., will lead to the construction of an anaerobic plant which will produce biogas through the treatment of the industry's wastewater. This is the first anaerobic wastewater treatment plant in Greece that includes a membrane system and one of the twenty plants in the world. The plant's power output is expected to exceed 1.3MW. The biodegradation rate of the industrial's total wastewater will exceed 99%, which allows further disposal of the wastewaterthrough irrigation. We should emphasize that the specific plant does not require the use of an aerobic plant as a post treatment. 

The flexibility of the process coupled with the optimal design gives the opportunity to BIZIOS S.A. to receive even bigger wastewater quantities (whey, lactose, DAF sludge and wastewater) from related industrial units. TEDRA Group, with its innovative services, will be the responsible to maintain and operate the new plant and will also collect and utilize the sludge produced, offering acomplete environmental solution.

This agreement is the capstone of the TEDRA Group ‘s cooperation with BIOTHANE VEOLIA, the leading company in anaerobic technology. This anaerobic process plant is a technological achievement of the last decade with the comparative advantages of maximum biogas production and effluent quality. It is mainly targeted for food industries (milk, fruit, etc.), providing a solution to the environmental issue without the addition of an aerobic treatment, while ensuring energy needs through biogas production. TEDRA Group, by utilizing its long experience and BIOTHANE VEOLIA know-how, guarantees the successful design of the plant and its long-term performance.

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