Metal building for OMIROS Dairy

The new production unit of the dairy industry OMIROS SA is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and modern design, providing a safe working environment for employees.

Specifically, it is about the construction of the industrial cold chambers building with a modernized cooling system and a storage capacity of 7,200 pallets, thermal storage rooms with a capacity of 600 pallets, as well as a new cheese production unit.

In all areas of health interest, materials of special specifications were incorporated to protect the surfaces of storage and maintenance of sensitive products with excellent thermal-water insulation and ensuring the required fire resistance and fire protection specifications.





Creation on a personal level


Design is TEDRA’s commitment to legislation, the rules of art and science, in order for a project to meet the needs of each interested client individually.


The study for TEDRA is synonymous with the accuracy, speed and quality of implementation of each project uniquely. The effective performance of ergonomics leads to the excellent result of construction of the project with accuracy and completeness.


Each project has special requirements. For TEDRA, each project is a challenge of applying know-how and experience, with the main focus on responsibility in perfect construction.


TEDRA presents and undertakes the implementation of integrated solutions in the field of operation and maintenance of projects, providing guarantees of safety and efficiency through maintenance work.

In the light of the experience and the know-how we focus on the excellence of results by having the best quality. We meet the requirements of each project in order to have an accurate and timely completion of them.