New investment of TEDRA group

TEDRA group has invested in a new production unit in a privately owned space with a total area of ​​21,445m2 in Galanovrisi, Elassona, Thessaly Region. The main activity of the unit is the production of organic soil improver with utilization of organic waste from urban wastewater treatment plants and industrial waste. The sludge is composting through the use of windrows.

Another activity of the unit is the treatment of construction, demolition and excavation waste (CDEW). The CDEW treatment department has the ability to recycle waste up to 500 tn / day.

TEDRA group provides integrated waste management services covering any need for collection and transportation with its own fleet of vehicles and construction machinery.

For the alternative management of CDEW, TEDRA group in cooperation with ANAKEM SA, contributes to the transition to the circular economy and to the management of zero waste, so that the recycled or recovered materials return to the market.


Contract signed for sewerage networks in Municipality of Oreokastro

Contract signed for the construction of water supply networks in Municipality of Elassona