Contract signed for the project “Delta- Palamas Road”

The project “Delta – Palamas Road” is being implemented by the Region of Thessaly, with a budget of € 13.3 million following the signing of the contract by the Regional Governor of Thessaly, Kostas Agorastos and the President and CEO, Ioannis Tolios of the contractor TEDRA.

After a lot of effort and coordination of many services, a major road project enters the construction phase. It is the road of Delta Karditsa – Palama with a budget of 13.8 million euros, 9.2 km long, with 11 km of side roads. This road that will serve human communities in the axis of Karditsa, Palamas, Farkadona and Trikala.


Contract signed for flood protection projects in the Municipalities of Trikala Regional Unit

Contract signed for the construction of sewerage networks in Tsaritsani