Construction of the Private Dialysis Center of Patra

Continuing the cooperation with Ariti SA, TEDRA group have started the construction of the Private Dialysis Center Patras, a state-of-the-art 34-bed Chronic Dialysis Unit, with a total area of 1575.42 sq.m. in the area of Aktaio in Patras.

The building consists of 2 levels, the basic Level 0 with access from the former National Road and the lower Level -1.

At Level 0 are located the two-room dialysis rooms with 16 beds each, which face the view of the Rio-Antirio bridge, with the auxiliary support areas, the entrance-waiting area and the offices of the director and the supervisor.

At Level -1, the administration is located with the possibility of independent entrance from the low point, as well as the other auxiliary and mechanical spaces, while an independent entrance-exit is provided for the supply and collection.

The completion time is set for the end of 2021.


Project presentation at the 7th Environmental Conference of Macedonia

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